Attitude Anger Management 

Attitude Anger Management

Change in Attitude Leads to a Change in Behavior

Why Us

"What do I need right now to be OK and to be healthy in the long run" 

An Idea is Born

I realized that dealing with other people is something we all have to do in life. While going thru my own life struggles and trying to navigate myself thru what life has served up to me, I came to understand the need for high quality, realistic human services (Anger Management, Behavioral Modification), even though I am unable to walk in your shoes; I can say I have been there (Dealing with life on life terms). 

Career Experience:

Mark Murdock,BA, CAM-II, T4C and Mental Health First Aid Certified;  Like most people in today society I have had a few jobs, and yes I said jobs.  My Career has been helping people, have been in the Human services field for over 20yrs (Substance Abuse Counseling, Case Management Services, Law Enforcement); I realize that "There is no them just us". Dr. Conte

Anger Quotes

* Holding on to Anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned. (Buddha) 

Mission Statement

Provide Person Centered,  Realistic Behavioral Change services to those individual in needs, with respect, understanding and real experience.